Flute Profiles

Bates Container is able to manufacture 10 different flute combinations depending on the customers’ needs. Below are the seven most common single and double wall flutes. Combined with over 100 different types of paper that can be used to produce a box, there are literally thousands of different types of corrugated board that we can produce. Please consult with our sales staff to help you determine what type of containerboard is right for your application.


Super A Flute
This is the thickest single wall board we can produce. It is good for stacking strength and cushioning.


C Flute
This is the most common single wall flute. This flute is often found in shipping type boxes. It is thinner than A flute and thicker than B flute.


B Flute
This board is thinner than C Flute and thicker than E Flute. This is good for innerpack and die cuts.


E Flute
This is a very thin single wall flute which is good for printing and Point-of-Purchase product packaging. This can also be used as a chipboard alternative.


 A/C Flute
This is the thickest double wall combination we can produce. It can be used as a triple wall substitute and is good for heavy-duty bulk bins.


B/C Flute
This is the most common double wall. It is commonly used in outer shipping containers and medium-duty bulk bins.


B/E Flute
This thin double wall is good for heavy duty printing applications.